Win The Distance Between Two Currencies : BDT-GBP

My mind is feeling cloudy like today’s sky. When I look back three years past, my eyes became full of tears. I thought and thought. Couldn’t imagine, how much pain and sorrow I suffer in my past, to reach my present.

It is a story of my life, more than the UOL life. I started the study in UOL when I was in a very important part of my life. And when I started, a lot of important events happened in my life.

I know I am poor. But I didn’t know that I am such poor! After getting admitted to UOL, when I have to pay my tuition fees in GBP, which I have to buy with our currency BDT, I came to know how much poor I am!

The distance between 1 BDT to 1 GBP is so much longer, and I am so weak to walk the distance that, my severe financial poverty took three years to complete my first year. But, after all my sorrows and difficulties, I finally can walk the distance. This is a story of win the distance between two currencies. This is a story of how 1 year is turned into 3 years. And I am going to tell this as My #UOL Story.

My #UOL Story

I always have a dream to achieve a higher degree in my study area. When I got admitted to LL.B.(Hons) in my country, I decided to become a barrister one day. After completing my LL.B.(Hons) in 2013, I started the procedure to become a barrister. I came to know that I’ll need a QLD to become a barrister, which I can acquire, from UOL in the distance learning program. In 2013 I can’t afford the fees to admit.

2014, 2015 was the same. In 2016, still, I can’t afford the fees, but desperately I submit the application to UOL.

After they accepted my application, with hard labour, I can manage the admission fee. I got admitted to UOL.

Within a very short period, after my admission, I got married.

Everything was new to me! The new university, a new educational system and my new family life with my husband! Because during that time I also doing my LL.M., I was kind of imbalanced.

Every single thing sent by the varsity makes me excited. Their e-mail, their welcome videos and their other ways to keep in touch with me, make me excited and happy. When I first received my books, sent by the varsity, I was unable to hold my tears. Holding them in my arms, I just cried and my heart leaps up! That was a very emotional moment for me.

The “emotional moment series” was just started, which I face later, continuously.
I feel very weak and tired. Almost every day I have to attend my LL.M. classes as well as my UOL classes. I was also attending other classes in some short courses. I felt very tired. And in the course of time, I came to know about my pregnancy! It happens after almost two months of our marriage.

My first pregnancy brought a lot of changes in my life. I stopped everything. Everything! To prepare a safe birth for my child. I stop to attend all my classes. I cancel all my courses. But I pay my UOL exam fees for May 2017.

My pregnancy was almost five months. I can’t understand anything properly. Had a blur vision and I faced difficulties when I want to seat down. Being prepare for exam was almost impossible. Before 3-4 days of exam, I decided that I shouldn’t sit for the exam in such a condition. And I cancelled my exams for four modules.

May 2018 I sat for two exams. I passed. October 2018 I sat for the exam. And I passed my fourth module and complete my first year in May 2019.

How easy this is! To end the story of three years in 3 lines! But was it so easy in my real life? To pass the three years? If it was easy, it certainly not took three years to complete my first year.

In a very short span of time, a lot of unfortunate events happens in my life. One after another, in such a sudden movement, that I can’t have some air to breathe. This series of unfortunate events started with my very close aunt’s death on January 2017, which ends with the sudden and tragic death of my father-in-law’s. When my May 2019 exam was knocking the door. This full span of time was so much sad and unfortunate eventful that was very hard to bear.

My father’s heart-attack at midnight, my brother’s tragic accident which almost knock him down to death, a very sudden and tragic death of my some close relatives and family members, again a devastating accident of my brother, and, a very sudden and tragic death of my father-in-law’s, before a few days of my exam!

I personally declare, 2017 AD, as a “Year of Hospital Admission”. Because, in 2017, except one, all of our family members, had to get admitted in the hospital one after another. How terrible was that!

And the most tragic event happen to my newborn baby. Before his birth, I was so much sick that I had to go under C-section operation to save both of our lives. After a few hours of his birth, he had to admit in hospital at midnight. I, the mother was one hospital, my baby was in another. Everybody was almost certain about his death. I saw my baby after 3 days of his birth and able to hold him in my arms after 6 days! I had to complete my registration for the May 2018 session exam, when I was hospitalized with my newborn baby.

Poverty showed a new face in every stage of my UOL life. I don’t know precisely, but I logged enquires in VLE countless times, to extend the deadline or delayed payment acceptance of my tuition fees. There was no single exam or registration entry which I can afford in time. A lot of tears have been fallen as a result of my helplessness. I had to borrow money in high interest to pay for my exam fees. I had to broke my mother’s five year’s FDR to afford my exam fees, and my difficult situations turn me so helpless that I was able to afford my exam fees only before four days of my exam! Can anyone believe this!

This financial crisis had a very bad effect on my family life. Sometimes, I lost my temper. My husband and me, starving so many days. We became weak gradually for our lack of foods. We don’t have enough and good cloths. For a long time, I had only one pair of shoes, which was in a miserable condition like me, for a number of times repairing. During the winter season, when I can’t tolerate the cold anymore because of my only one cardigan, I was bound to buy my cardigan from a street market in cheap rate, which I can afford.

I can tolerate this. I can forgive me for these financial sufferings which caused because of affording the university tuition fees. But one day when I found myself that, I can only afford a single and small pack of milk for my only 6 month’s old son, because I don’t have any money anywhere, I found and realize myself as absolutely broken.

That day, after returning home, I was all alone. Alone and broken. I just cried loudly, helplessly and sharing all my pains loudly with almighty ALLAH. I can’t believe that even this situation when I can’t able to afford a single and small pack of milk for my six months old son, because of I had to afford my tuition fees, can come in my life!

As a wife, as a mother and as a human being I felt so much guilt because of my tuition fees, my full family have to suffer. Even my newborn baby! I can’t stop blaming myself, I can’t forgive myself.

What can I do? If I stop, all invested money will be worthless. If I want to go further, it is almost impossible as I am in significant financial crisis. Then what can I do? All I can do is to make an understanding of the situation. And I decide, I will try for the last time before I fall!

As I am married, I have a family life, I am a mother, and I have to earn to help my family, I don’t have chances to study enough. I had very little time to study.

I first sit for the public law exam. It was the worst experience. The day before the exam, I was out of home for a long time to do some very urgent tasks. After returning home, I studied almost all night. The exam was in the morning session. This was my first exam in British council. I was in a very much puzzled situation. As my permitted material was an older version, they don’t allow me to take this with me! At the very beginning, I was broken. All students had their permitted material in front of them, except me!

The officer in exam duty instructed me, how to write information in the exam paper. As I was awake all night, I found myself in the exam hall very much sleepy and I had a severe headache. All the students start their writing and I was silent! I can’t understand a single question. After 1.30 hours, I was able to start to write my first line. I answered my 4 questions in 11 pages, with a one-line gap between every two lines. After the examination had completed, I was crying, as I was absolutely sure I must fail this module with very poor marks.

And with my all astonished, I scored 62 marks in public law! I don’t know still today, how it was possible after such a miserable condition!

And the other three modules had almost the same history.

Today, after three years of my study, I am able to complete my first year and had been awarded a degree. It is a story of my life, more than my UOL life. I learned how to read, I learned how to follow my passion, how to not give up, how to survive, and how to stand up with dignity after things fall apart.

Thank the University of London. If I don’t get admitted to you, I’ll not know, what life is! I’ll not know how to walk the distance between the two currencies, I’ll not know how to wipe out tears and hold a dream again. You taught me life, more than you taught me the law!

With my all love, emotion and heart, with my all due respect, and with my all salute, “Thank the University of London”.